Untangling heart [Poem]

Love rules
In ways you will see,
yet your mind can not conceive
Into the heart of alchemy
Into the heart of compassionate love you see
The love we feel and the love that flows
Is like these rivers you and I see
On these lands in the distant place
Where all the harvest brings together

The wisdom heals like this
When properly applied and understood
The mystery speaks of love few can touch
Yet feel so deeply in the heart

Beyond the time and beyond the mystery
There are some things I must tell you now
That may change the course of direction
In which the love may unwindhimalayas

The twisted hearts and twisted minds
And bodies that need so much healing

The love that is within us all
That knows of no greater mystery
For love we have is ours you see
It always will be and it always was,

The healing of this heart is simple
No letting go of this beginning
For there is really no end here
And only starting this adventure

While we love each other well
Sometimes it is not very clear
Compassionate Love must rule these mountains and these planes
For once we let go of understanding
we can only stay in embrace
Of the grander beauty within us and
the grander joy of life, of the truth that emerges
when we know what is wrong and what is right

The compassionate heart of Buddha is infinite
In it resides the holy wisdom
In it is glory and more than you know
This heart of compassion speaks the wisdom
The truth that you may awaken to
The real love that pushes us beyond limits
Beyond our understanding even more
To rest in presence and trust the mystery.

Trust in something grander in every moment
Where medicine of this poison dies
You will see in the end my friend
that any death is part of living.

It is this time that we have upon
It is this presence that we are experiencing
Yet some do not know just how
Apply the wisdom in the measure.

Of the heart what lives each moment
Beyond the concepts and memories
Beyond the living and the dying
Beyond the coded messages of words.

Beyond the intentions and the motives
Beyond the hiding and the seeking
Lives something so much grander
that you nor I can ever grasp.

For grasping is what keeps you unsafe
In grasping you want to defend the world
That really is here for you to see
Just how perfect is this harmony.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo


Image: Himalayas: Wallpapercave