Guru Yoga [Poem]

I feel you today so strong
the Love I have in my heart is so deep
so much we can do together my friend
if we unite like this.

In the paradigm of the wisdom that moves us all
In the changes that shape our reality
in the healing that takes form in unknown ways
and in the love that takes our breath away

When we step fully into this moment
that realizes for us the reality
of past present and future converging
in the mysterious form of the thought
of One.

and then drop this all into the emptiness
and from there live ready for what might come
stepping in touch with reality
while transforming the past that needs to be

healed and we do use our memories
to tell our story of what has passed
in the present time and while we do that too
the new future emerges and that is you

in me realizing that this mystery,
this breath you breathe and this form you see
all of this really is just invisible
as the visible love that flows in me

While the planet needs healing in this time
While the people need to awaken their hearts
Buddhas watch us all in their grace
while they figure out
our minds.

For the benefit of All Sentient Beings
Ati Guru Yoga

Rev. Dr. K. Sonam Wangmo