For Shakti Sisters [Poem]

The way of the Shakti is such you see
that what you grasp with mind you will never believe
That when the direct experience comes
All your practicing, bam! It is a blast.
It shows you clearly then who you are
and furthermore who others are
In their fears and triumphs and tribulations
knowingly not knowing what to say.

For the way of the mind always knows what to say,
The masculine answers in her defence,
While the tender heart of a woman knows
What rage is, and how to walk that road

native a art
Native American Art

For love my friend has many faces you see
And it is not as easy as it seems
For while everyone will share their final point
Few will know how to hold your hand.

Through the challenging times and the painful things
While facing you deeply into the things
That live inside you as well, woman
And things that you don’t want to face

And then one day your heart will understand its opening
Allowing all of the universe to come in
While in the most unexpected ways
You will see that life is interconnected to the Buddha Dharma
and pointing you in the direction of compassionate Love
In this way the remembering stays
and people who speak from experience know
That book knowledge serves so much only you see
And the things lived together are deeper

For the walk we take and the beat we play
is higher ground of the Pachamama’s heart.
In the Mystery of compassionate Love you see,
Sister my rage is your rage too.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

Art: Native American, artist unknown