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By Ösel Dorje Sang Dzö Ley | Pagma Drölma Jangmo Zhugso is a deep and powerful practice of Sublime Green Tara.

I have been practicing this practice for a number of years, and I have also accomplished this practice.

This practice saved my life.

I was attacked by people who simply hated me, before my body hit the ground I prayed the short version to the Sublime Green Tara from this practice and after almost 30 minutes the consciousness of Sublime Green Tara entered my head and I was “back” on Earth again. This happened on October 17th 2015.

Life as Green Tara has been many things but mostly not what I expected. I made a few connections with people whom I put trust into, I was alone, family was away in Munich and I was there in Dusseldorf, sick, vomiting and with intense insights about humanity, who I am now and life.

The person who helped me was a sangha practitioner who was equally as terrified as me about my head concussion. Through the entire thing I was conscious and fully aware that I am and will be always well. It is an indescribably experience. My years of both Buddhist practice as well as Shamanic practice allowed me to remain clear and grounded as I was getting myself off the floor and into bed very ill. My years of nursing practice assured me that my neurology is fine. I kept checking my vital neuro signs daily to be sure that I can manage this on my own. I realize that in a very separate from spirituality western world, no medical treatment was needed and useful. I had no access to proper Tibetan doctor or Ayurvedic doctors. I am grateful I am alive today, with the little bit of wisdom I have as a Vedic Counselor and practical Nurse.

About the current case; you may want to skip to the next line if this is too much suffering for you.

The other people I contacted turned out to be the biggest disappointment of my life. I was involved in this community for a number of years with hope of nourishing sangha and network to deepen my practice. People whom I trusted showed me no spiritual courage or resilience but fear. No sensitivity, no wisdom, no interest. No samaritarian or altruistic activity but selfish perspectives on the way they view reality, far detached from Dzogchen and Compassion.

No one considered to come over and bring food or to ask how I am. No one asked how I am.

I have pages of testimonials from years of my work from clients all over the world, and I was astounded at the coldness I experienced from the Germans. I left to France and people here are better.

The enemies have continued to panic about my life and the damages they have done to me. They didn’t even offer marginal help and their support was less than adequate. They ended up tarnishing my name, gossiping about this incident, without discussing anything with me, taking however they could my human dignity. Hatred is a disease.

I am wanting to complete things with the enemy side so that I get my refund for the programs I took that lead my life to such a mayhem. They are holding on and fighting, and causing harm daily – which is a huge distraction to my life. It is unbearable to even know that things like these exist in humanity and in a western world. Anyone NORMAL would have returned the money and said “Look I am sorry, here is your refund” – You may wonder why they are not paying, it is because they know they are guilty. They know they have caused damages and are ridden by fear they don’t know how to deal with.

I understand through this process how Tibetans feel about China taking over their land and taking over their culture. It is extremely difficult to even consider forgiveness when the other side continues to play pretentious games, lie and damage others.

The Earth is my witness.

Through it all I am and only am listening to the guidance of the Buddha and Tara in her essence form and in my human embodied form. I am not a deity. I am a human woman who is a living Tara, I am learning everyday and I know what things I need precisely for my work and how to benefit humanity.

tara green
Green Tara

The purpose of Tara and Buddhist Vajrayana practices the core intention is that we gain enlightenment and that we establish all beings at the same level. It is very important that we understand always why we practice. We practice only for realization and only for benefiting sentient beings.

Today 16 months after this experience I am completely grateful to my Buddha at the head, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche as well as the precious sanghas of his and Kagyu linage.

Now I feel the compassion and the pure union of the Tara and Buddha Yub-Yum and the essence of the wisdom and compassion in the being of Oneness. It is not personal and it is linked to the love in my life, yet it is beyond an ordinary bond.

For the lay people this is difficult to understand because the mind has so many doubts and is really not able to comprehend these things, this is why we have Dzogchen masters to enlighten and hold the space of compassion for the world and to lift people out of the ignorance and samsara.

The most important point to remember in the practice for practitioners, whether beginners, intermediate or advanced is that the practice will practice you, the essence of the practice is what is evoked in the action of practicing and that guides us further beyond the scope of our imagination. This is why authentic practice is not for the faint of heart.

Know that the Buddhist wisdom and practice is deeply rooted in compassion and knowing this is most important to overcome the samsara/suffering of daily life.

Dr. Wangmo

Featured Image: Tibet – Ken Phung

Image: Green Tara – Pinterest