Does Samsara really matter?

I am in a midst of profound love and also profound suffering. I never though that I would find myself in a situation where I am a Holy Woman and a living Tara, while battling demons of human hatred from people whom I trusted in the past.

This makes me every day wonder and sink even deeper into understanding the 4 Noble Truths.

tibetan-girlsFirst Noble Truth of Buddhism states that all of life is suffering. The desire to have something that can not be reached, like an obsessed man with a woman he will never hold in his arms. A teacher who destroys women so that they fall down at her feet and calls that respect, all these things (and these are big ones) as well a little things of hunger, pain and clinging and aversion all this keeps pointing me further to understand that all life is suffering. Once understood we find ourselves in a territory of knowing our core values and our heart and knowing how to pick things that really work for us. This eases our suffering and allows us to handle things in a new way.

There are karmic causes that bring certain things to happen, and circumstances that cause events to happen, there are also inauspicious meetings that trigger unnecessary spiral of things that otherwise would not happen. This makes me understand why we have so many different religions and nations, because we could not be one global humanity. Every country has their own individual pulse and vibration, history and wisdom and gifts, and this is what I love about the French, Italians, Peruvians, Tibetans and Spanish. This uniques we hold needs to be cherished in our cultural gifts and arts.

When we sit with this knowing we get to really see how the Buddhist way of 4 Noble Truths continues to guide the way. The causes and circumstances are the 2nd Noble Truth.

When we want to cause others to suffer for our benefit we only create further cause for our karma to be negative and accumulate that either in this life or the next life. This is something that many people miss to understand as they live their lives only for one life. I am going through tremendous amount of suffering from an organization that has abused me and the pain is unbearable some days. The ignorance is evident and the denial so strong I can only hold on to the Dharma and Buddha family to help me through this horror I am going through. I experienced such misogyny in Germany, I was inappropriately guided there and I experienced nothing but suffering and abuse from the people I met, and coldness and distance and rudeness. I received marginal support. I had to leave. And I thank myself and the Buddhas that I left. There are many Dharma Centres there of Kagyu and I hope these people will find a way to their hearts, practice Mahayana and reach Enlightenment. I am ashamed to the core of my being that in a distant past I have ancestry in Germany.

The 3rd Noble Truth, which is practice (cessation of suffering). Practice is really the way we can purify our karmic baggage and become better human beings, this is why dharma works everywhere in the world, in almost any setting. Anyone can practice Buddhism easily, it is accessible. In the west however most people are really centred on the individual self on practice just for their own benefit, to reduce stress, get better then someone else etc… and we need to change that. We need to practice to benefit humanity, to become better for others. We need to increase our altruistic activity and our thinking that benefits those who are around us. Prayer is not enough, His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama said that himself, we need to act appropriately and help those who are in need.

In bringing peace to Religion and unification and common understanding we can see that Catholics are really good at supporting their communities, some Buddhist centres are there are well and then there are those Buddhist centres that lack total care of their sangha. They have no means to offer proper support to their members, they are learning and hopeful implementing other methods to benefit their members and humanity.

buddha-nnrThe best western centres in the world are those of the world renown Dzogchen Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and those of Kagyu. The other centres are slowly coming along.

How we practice and who we practice wit is pivotal for our well being and our spiritual development. Properly run centre maintains its Tantras high and people feel loved and welcomed and continue that way in community work as well. Those who have no balance between masculine and feminine and those who have lower Tantras may create and deepen suffering.

The 4th Noble Truth is the Path, leading to Enlightenment – path is the Buddha Dharma and the three Jewels (Buddha Dharma Sangha) it is pivotal to have a good well functioning sangha of people who hold same standards and know how to deal with their emotions. Proper Tantra/Vajrayana practices and Yoga practices and Mandala offerings assure that people are well taken care of.

Samsara is our life, our attachments, aversions and ignorance and all things in between. We need to keep close to samsara to understand the nature of our living deeply and to become softer more open women and to understand our hearts. Tantras/Vajrayana point us to embodying or becoming the Buddha (the awake one) and then other people will still be where they are and that also is the samsara of Buddha.

The success of the student is measured not only in reaching enlightenment it is also measured by joyful diligence and how well the student is able to really benefit humanity and enjoy embodied awakening.

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Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo