Energy Systems

We are not even close to understanding how our bodily systems interact with each other, let alone how they interact with other people’s. Our bodies are made up of dynamic energy systems, that are affected by our diet, relationships, heredity, culture, and an interplay of all these factors and activities. ~ Dr. Christian Northrup

This is an article from six years ago when I was studying Ayurveda. Edited.

We ARE affected physiologically as well as psychologically by the people we spend time with and environmental factors. We are greatly influenced by heredity & our cultural conditioning. Knowing how to handle our energy, helps us to fine tune how we deal with our relationships. As a result balanced energy helps to keep a stable (Sattvic) mind and promotes natural compassion. Through the correct understanding of our mind and energy we can transform many of todays problems, such as illnesses and difficult emotions. Through Buddhist meditation practices and shamanic practices from Peru as well as Bön practices we can transform hereditary issues like chronic illness and depression.

When we enter into a healthy relationship with our mind, we start to understand clearly the root cause of our beliefs, heredity, culture and relationships. We develop greater understanding, compassion and capacity of presence – being able to incorporate new wisdom into our lives and move with more finesse and grace. To know how LIFE effects us and how we influence life. We rely on the wisdom of natural mind, luminous emptiness.

Simply by sharing same space – sitting across from someone – you can feel the changes in your body and heart. There can be many reasons for this, observing the inner shifts within your body is important.

As we move in the world we interact energetically with all things and people that we meet. It is a good practice to feel into your body deeply and notice what arises as a result of spending time in certain places, with your friends as well as in certain situations. It is important to be familiar with your body’s inner response system, so that you can live in peace and harmony with the environment and also benefit others.

When you can observe and know for yourself how things effect you, you have a clear way for your body to become the guiding tool of what is good for you. Perhaps not all the relationships you have affect you in a positive way, just like not all foods will be good for everyone. The answer resides in knowing your mind and body and how to best adjust accordingly so that you maintain your inner balance on the cushion and in daily life.

By maintaining your inner balance we are able to really benefit people with a peaceful presence and composed thinking. When we are of benefit to people in our lives, on a larger scale we create a peaceful prosperous global community, exchange ideas, share wisdom and promote cultural values.

In Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy we discover the 5 psychic sheaths – Kosha Layers – in every interaction we exchange our energy with our environment through these layers. The kosha layers helps us to see and feel the energetic body that we have and its different layers and how they interact.  The Ayurvedic Kosha layer system is composed of:

  • Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss body),
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha (Knowledge Sheath),
  • Manomayo Kosha (Mind Sheath),
  • Pranamaya Kosha (Vital Air Sheath),
  • Annanamaya Kosha (Food Sheath)


You will notice with meditation practice that there are subtle bodies energetics that require our attention. Meditation and Vajrayana practice help to purify these layers for greater luminosity to emanate.

In Buddhism we have the 5 Skandhas, these are:

  1. Form
  2. Feeling & Sensation
  3. Perception
  4. Formation
  5. Consciousness

Each one has a deeper meaning and further details, yet both the Skandhas and the Kosha layers are there to point us towards the inner working of our body and our mind.

The 5 Skandhas is what makes up our body. The form is made out of the elements which are fire, earth, water, air & fire. In our diet, practice and interactions it is important to maintain the elements within the body balanced. Proper diet, yoga practice and correct meditation practices cultivate this inner balance and strengthen our system and increase our immunity.

As you deepen you awareness and understanding of these layers you will discover and develop a correct relationship to your body and with your own mind. We need to be aware of these energetics in our meditation because they allow us to further connect with the practice and move us on our way towards realization.

Bring your findings to a qualified teacher to get clarification and proper guidance.

Awareness is the key. Mahamudra is the way. Vajrayana is the Tantra. The doors to the dharma are always open.

Rev. Dr. K. Sonan Wangmo

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