Shamanic wisdom of Life & Death

Throughout history mankind has had both fascination and devotion to spirit and life. In shamanic traditions of Tibet, Mongolia, Russia this devotion and curiosity sparked a deep and authentic love and wisdom of the way life and death operate. From Bön to Tibetan Buddhism, the knowledge of living is an essential part of understanding how to die and how to be reborn. One of the core reasons why I am a practicing Buddhist is this wisdom and profound embodiment of life and death that we are all a part of.

It matters what you believe

When we are in touch with the reality of impermanence then we know that at some point everything will come to pass. This includes our lives, and the lives of those who we care about. The connection to impermanence is an important clue on our human journey. We can realize then, what are the most important things to us. In this inner value we bond with others who share similar views. This is a gift of reciprocity with life that allows us to focus our attention on serving each other rather than destroying each other and our planet.