a Buddhist reflection

I believe that Riwo Sang, Green Tara and Song of the Vajra, and Feeding Your Demons influence understanding of my heart and deep contemplation of what is living Buddhism.

HHDL QuoteThe ancient Buddhist practices are like tools I need at each moment to survive the deep problems of European society. I know what are the next things I want to learn and I have faith that they will manifest well for me. [I have manifested some outstanding opportunities to sit with Holy people in 2019, I am overwhelmed]

When I look deeply into my heart and feel into the wisdom in my body I trust that this is the right thing [to practice Tibetan Buddhism]. 

In order for me to live my life fully in service to humanity, I get to pick and chose what works for me. [We all need to be knowledgable in our minds to make right choices for positive benefit to humanity]. Freedom works. I am here to support women and embodied feminine work, helping people step out of suffering, that means I have to live that as well. [This is the problem of my mother, the difficult suffering of her mind, for which Chöd practice is outstanding.] [She will be an] example for that. I have to honor and love the deep feminine in myself. 

I have come to see that it is best to have reverence to life and to know how to be in touch with the earth and how to live in the cyclical way of Pachamama. 

Our intentions and our inner understandings are what give life meaning.  

Fear is not a tactic I wish to incorporate in my life for teaching/sharing anything. It works  [for poorly] defending oneself, but not in living a normal life.

Life is about Love. [Love is] common sense.  I have used the power of my mind to finally make it into my heart. [This was a powerful message to me from my mother, while Tara Mandala was offering me empowerments long distance. Now she is learning to live this wisdom and to her practice isn’t as easy as reading or thinking.]

I am grateful for all of those people who pray for me to be well and to follow the wisdom of my heart.


I wrote this in Düseldorf on November 12, 2015 (a day before Paris shooting). I updated it on May 18, 2020. In square brackets are additional comments. Image from growingbolder.