Kitchen is a temple

What is conscious eating? There are as many answers to this question as there are people. For me conscious eating is eating in balance with the Earth, rhythms of nature, and my body and intuitively incorporating benefits of live foods into my life that nurture the growth of the spirit. According to Ayurveda, the sole purpose of eating is to help our body temple to be a clean and clear channel for the Divine and to aid us in our spiritual growth.

On my personal journey with food and diets and healthy living, I have discovered that being conscious and aware is the first step. I came to recognize that my kitchen is like my temple. It is a place in which I do things that serve the spirit and serve my body it is a place in which I live and spend most of my time. I came to learn that to step away from the kitchen for a while – do a fast – can be as powerful of medicine as when I am in there preparing a scrumptious healing meal for my family. The evolution of Kitchen’s Temple is a natural progression to continue to share the wisdom that comes from living in each moment present to the needs of the body and guidance of spirit. It is embracing all and leaving nothing behind. Always opening and welcoming the changes. Living a medicine life with Ayahuasca has many influences, and diet is one of them. The changes are gradual yet when they happen there is ‘no stopping’ they will continue until the process is complete – all we can do is surrender and trust. All of the changes that we experience in our lives are there to help evolve not only us but also the whole of consciousness, becoming more aware of our habits and more attuned to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and Moon and seeing clearly how they affect our bodies and minds is the key to any healthy eating and living.

So here is to this continuing of the evolution of Spirit and Re~volution of Life and Heart. Blessed Be.

Image: July 2013, Peru friend’s garden with Lourdes Concha

I wrote this on September 22, 2013 (This is two days after my 6 year Ayahuasca annivesary). 
Published on May 18, 2020.