Lakshmi sadhana

Yoga introduced me to the Goddess and Lakshmi mantra is widely known.

This was the first time I spent 21 days with this Goddess, reflecting about her in my life, her influence on the world, family, earth. Early 2012, two days into the Tibetan New Year of the Dragon.

Lakshmi‘s four arms:

Dharma:  The way you fill your unique place in the matrix of life.

It is the desire to put your mark of beauty onto the world
When your desire is aligned with the Big intelligence,
as well as with your unique place in the whole,
you experience then genuine fulfillment of living true to your Dharma.

Artha: The resources you need to fulfill your dharma.

Material means, skills, physical wellbeing
and circumstance that will support you to live your Dharma.

Kama: In Feminine Embodiment Practices

we use pleasure as a doorway to Presence.
Our senses opens us, tickles us, nourish us.
Music, colors, taste, art, poetry, beauty,
all this bring the feminine closer to the divine.

Moksha: Ultimate Freedom.

The fruit of our practice is to realize Moksha in  the very essence
of all our experiences.
The realization of Moksha is not a process in time,
it is neither an awesome experience you once had, nor a goal to reach later.
Moksha is your luminous presence, always right here in the moment,
fresh and impossible to grasp and explain with the mind.
You can only live it, in moment-to-moment surrender.
Lakshmi and I
Me & Lakshmi in Corfu summer 2015, photo by Bibbi Friman