Thank everything almighty!

It is unimaginably difficult to live hated. Hatred destroys something in humanity that we need to survive. Unfortunately people make choices to hate. Hate is hate. Let’s not pretend it is other than what it is. We all avoid being hated. No one loves to be hated. Hate will never win over what you can become without it. It is possible to live without hate. Everyone needs to find answers for themselves. We can’t be looking for answers for other people and that can’t be our job. The looking within is everyone’s individual job. It is relevant what we keep and what we let go off in life. Grace guides those who are with grace.

Currently I am living with proper essentials and I am participating in therapy and accessing community services. Since May I received few small gifts of store-cards.

I am waiting to see my dear friends and to continue my recovery from PTSD. I think of my friends daily.

The expressive art exhibits and writing is my focus.

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