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Karma Sönam Wangmo's Feminine Brilliance Temple 💃🏻📿 Art, Language & Culture of women

My mama and I run for the cure in Calgary. Mama and my dad are survivors of cancer. FIND OUT WHAT CANCER IS. Support Canadian Cancer Society.

~ About Me ~  
Tashi Delek, Welcome, Bienvenu(e), Bienvenidos, Tashi will lick you today. Namaskar.  
                                             One day at a lovely women's shelter in Toronto another woman living there told me that I am somewhat like Gandhi Mahatma.    
I am Karma Sönam Wangmo the Nurture & Nature Shakti. I am a minister in Buddhism. I am a published woman. 300 certified hours and a certificate as an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor with my name on it grace my wall. I was a nurse. I poses a doctorate in Religious Studies from an Esoteric Interfaith Company, they ordained me as a Reverend. 🐘 To hold this degree I presented my life's work and writings and wrote a liberal dissertation on Wild Feminine. 
I have a daughter Katalina and I have a husband Loten Dahortsang, I also have a very super duper grandma Eugenia, and super duper mom Jolanta. Did you notice who isn't mentioned? That man has power.
The best vacation I was on was 1 month in Corfu in Arillas.
Here is a vast variety of writings related to living embodied feminine life. Read my full bio.

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